Physical Exams

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Physical Exams services offered in Mission, San Francisco, CA

Annual health checkups give you and your doctor vital information about your current health and risk factors that could affect your long-term health. At Prosalud Family Medicine in the Mission District of San Francisco, California, board-certified family medicine physician Juan Posado, MD, performs physical exams for patients of all ages, from adolescence through late adulthood. The practice also offers English- and Spanish-speaking services for all patients. To learn more about physical exams, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

What are physical exams?

A physical is a health assessment that team at Prosalud Family Medicine uses to identify changes in your health. Annual physicals allow your doctor to track and monitor your health as you age, so you can get treatment for health concerns before they evolve into serious problems.


Physical exams often detect health problems before you even experience symptoms, so treatment is less invasive and costly, and more effective.

What happens during physical exams?


Physicals are individualized assessments, so the services included in your exam may change as you age. In general, a physical exam consists of two parts:

Medical history review


Reviewing your medical history gives your health care team vital information about your health. Your doctor asks important questions regarding your personal medical history, family health history, past and current medications, sexual history, and diet and lifestyle. 


If you experience new or worsening health symptoms, you should discuss them with your doctor during your physical.

Physical exam


During the physical portion of the exam, your doctor looks inside your ears, nose, and throat, and checks the lymph nodes in your neck for swelling. They also listen to your heart and lungs. Next, your doctor palpates your abdomen and tests your reflexes and muscle strength.

What are the types of physical exams?


An annual physical isn’t the only type. You or your child may need a physical before starting a new job, playing competitive sports, or traveling abroad. Some of the most common types of specialized physicals include:


  • School physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Travel physicals
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals


Talk to your doctor before you schedule your exam, as you may need to bring additional documentation to your appointment.

How often do I need physical exams?


The team at Prosalud Family Medicine recommends visiting for a physical exam at least once a year. With experience in treating patients of all ages and conditions, they understand the importance of regular visits with your doctor. 


By continually assessing and monitoring your health as you age, physical exams save you time, money, and pain on costly, invasive treatments in the future.


To learn more about physical exams, call Prosalud Family Medicine today or schedule an appointment online.